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MCOB technology, known as muti-chips integration of COB packaging technology, was established in 2011. The chips are connected together for packaging which is quite the contrary of dot-connected SMD products. The substrate is copper foil which is good for optical processing.With it’s 360 degree beam angle of luminous flux and well designed air-flow shell, it wins the Red dot design award in 2015.The well-designed internal double-layer or sandwich-like Crystal light modules ensure the long lifespan by preventing contact-ion of wires and chips. through interspersing the power of a single light source it avoids the unnecessary glare and zebra which may cause tile light effect. With this technology, LED surface light is well functioned just like incandescent lamp.

  • We hold all the patents for the newest CRYSTAL technology
  • We produce original MCOB LED light bulbs with 360° full beam angle
  • We have optimized the supply chain system in oreder to be able to offer an excellent price
  • We use logistic systems by EUSAHUB, so we are able to deliver all orders within 1-5 business days acress the EU
  • Out clients/customers strongly benefit from an easy-to-use online ordering portal for products selection & automated invoice provided
  • Simple tracking status of delivery and satisfaction with claim request


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